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5 Most Common Broken Link Building Questions Answered

15th September 2017 / in SEO / by

5 Most Common Broken Link Building Questions Answered

The internet is certainly full of broken links. Every day, millions of links turn into broken links when the hosting expires or the sites get messed up while getting migrated or because of a simple typing mistake. To save the day, there comes the broken link building strategy.

The broken link building is very popular and useful SEO management technique for many years. Still, its approaches are continuously expanding.

To get the most out of your broken link building efforts, make sure your content and outreach comply with these things:

  • Highly targeting
  • Personalisation
  • Offering value to the website you’re approaching to and their audiences

5 Most Common Broken Link Building Questions Answered

Here in this article, we are going to discuss top 6 most asked questions about broken link building. Have a look.

1. How many links can one get per month?

The links building process and its results differ from industry to industry. The level of efforts you will require to take for getting quality links varies according to the industry of your site. Some industries have tremendous online content related to their products or services, while some have to pay a lot of efforts.

There are some industries having many online publications, on the other hand, there are some industries that are dealing with a specific niche. So based on the industry you are in, target on the sites where your audience would come often. Try to get a minimum of one link per month and improve your link building gradually.

5 Most Common Broken Link Building Questions Answered

2. Does Google punish you for sponsored blog posts or link buying?

The sponsored blogs are the post that involves any kind of compensation for publishing review/content. As per Google, the sponsored blogs should properly disclose and all the outbound links on the site sponsoring the blog should be no-followed in nature.

If Google traces paid links associated with blog posts and punishes the sites which are caught in the sale and purchase of links.

3. What is the average success rate on Outreach?

5 Most Common Broken Link Building Questions Answered

The average success rate of outreach differs according to the factors which one opts while building links. Generally, one-to-one outreach is recommended. Get in touch with the authors and build a healthy relationship with them to amplify the possibilities of success.

4. What is the duration of typical link building campaign?

Like every SEO processes, the link building campaign requires 6-12 months to witness strong results. However, the initial results can be starting in 2-3 months.

5. What should the ratio between followed and nofollow links?

Certainly, building a natural link profile will improve your search rankings. So, the in-depth analysis of links and a balance between follow vs. unfollow ratio is important.  However, there is no any exact ratio which one has to fulfil.

Both backlinks have its benefits. The dofollow links allow an indexable link which contributes in the Google ranking, whereas the nofollow link is just a link which later will help you get visibility.


Broken link building is an important SEO strategy which can reap strong results if done properly. To perform this task in a hassle-free way, it is better to hire a digital marketing company for SEO services.

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