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Mobikart – SEO Case Study for Online Stores

Introduction to Case Study

  • Mobikart’s core focus has always been the best user experience and customer satisfaction
  • In sustaining this, we have achieved 3 million page views and 2.5 million user visits in less than a year
  • It is a significant achievement amongst the mobile comparison industry making it highly competitive and dynamic for the competitors


Small Deck for Mobikart

  • Mobikart is an ecosystem for everything mobile. It was launched in 2016
  • A platform that has made mobile shopping quick, efficient, hassle free and logical
  • It is a destination where users can Search & Find everything related to Mobiles, Compare & Buy from the best Online Stores

Challenges Faced by Nethority to increase the traffic

Mobikart was a new launch and well – established competitors were a great challenge
In order to build a strong presence amongst its competitors, it was necessary to differentiate the brand effectively
Below are the major challenges faced by Nethority

i. SEO Challenges:

  • To build its brand and increase organic traffic only through the way of SEO, Social Media Campaigns, Content Marketing. Paid campaign was not an option in the initial year
  • After the completion of the first quarter, the maximum session recorded was 454
  • The maximum sessions sustained at an average of 568 on a daily basis, which was not going to help Mobikart attain its Goal


ii. Social Media Challenges:

  • Social Media being one of the major source for establishing brand awareness and gaining a good number of visitors, creating an account solely made no big difference!


iii. Other challenges to list a few :

  • Planning a consistent content strategy
  • Taking a holistic approach that includes varied content that’s designed to educate, entertain, inspire, and delight new viewers/shoppers

A Strategy adopted by Nethority to effectively solve above challenges

Keeping in mind all the challenges, Nethority developed a rock-solid strategy to get established in the fierce competitive space and to emboss strong foot-prints in the market

i. Strategy For SEO

  • A comprehensive audit was performed by Nethority for higher conversion-focus & better rankings
  • A focused effort on improving the technical optimization of the site and fixing any issues that affected the user experience
  • Loopholes in the conversion funnel were identified and corrected to reduce bounce rate
  • Content efforts were guided by delivering detailed quality keyword research and educating them on improved blogging methodologies


Nethority implemented a strategy and gained the competitive
edge in very less time span and the result was



ii. Social Media Strategy:

  • Nethority focused on the social media campaigns to make people aware about the unique feature – All-in-one-umbrella
  • Various attractive banners, notifying existing fans & followers, post content that gets shared, running viral Facebook contests etc

Did this work?
Yes! Super Success on Facebook



One of the biggest social success was that
Mobikart received 11,000 Facebook Likes in one year.



iii. Content Distribution:

  • In addition to the above, robust plans were executed including articles writing blogs, Press Releases and Media campaigns to boost curiosity that attracted the shoppers/viewers/ users.
  • Used the perfect brand promotional contents to glue users/shoppers and this automatically increased new users & returning users.

Here are some of our Press Releases

While planning the press releases , we carefully composed Mobikart’s content for publishing, keeping in mind all the desired goals. This content was to educate and make the people aware about brand Mobikart . The crisp and captivating ideas were constantly taken into account, as these releases were meant to address to huge number of audience. It created a greater impact in our success.

Our Services

A Strategy adopted by Nethority to effectively solve above challenges

Pageviews, traffic, etc is fine, but how did all of the above contribute to the business



…..& the success story continues


  • Mobikart was able to convert a spectacular increased number of visitors in less than a year.
  • The website is based completely on organic SEO strategy.
  • The consistency by which Nethority kept adjusting the online marketing strategy for Mobikart also led to differentiated, scalable, distinguished and measurable results.
  • The number of visitors who revisited the site also increased, thanks to the increased quality of leads.
  • Recently it has been recorded that Mobikart has got from 0 to 3 million page views and 2.5 Million user visits & the number is growing.


SEO is not a sprint, it is a long run.
And with a scalable SEO Strategy we can build the authority on the Internet.

Do we need to say anything else…

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