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How to Optimise Videos for Boosting Your YouTube Channel

13th December 2017 / in Internet marketing, Social Media / by

How to Optimise Videos for Boosting Your YouTube Channel

YouTube has certainly changed the way of digital marketing in almost every possible aspect. It has been the second largest search engine in the world after Google. It is one of the channels which drive huge traffic to various websites and blogs. It generates approximately 92 billion page views every month and around 35 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. So, it is one of the important tools in social media marketing strategies.

YouTube also lets you monetize the video content and earn good money from your YouTube videos. However, just uploading videos to your YouTube channel is not enough to get millions of views, likes, comments, and shares until you are a celebrity, big brand or company which always stay surrounded by their fans and followers.

Most of the businesses use YouTube platform to engage customers by offering videos like tutorials, tips, entertaining, and other niche videos via their channel. These videos are required to be great in terms of quality and it should contain unique content to experience fair views.

What if your videos are there on YouTube for some time and still they are not getting views? What to do then? Here in this article, we have covered few strategies which you can incorporate into your YouTube videos and reap fair income.

How to Optimise Videos for Boosting Your YouTube Channel

How to Optimise YouTube videos?

Gone are the days when SEO was a thing just for websites or blogs. YouTube videos are also required to be optimized for search results. To get organic traffic to your videos, you will need to perform SEO activities for better search results.

YouTube has its own algorithm to rank a video. Even if you use paid or inorganic traffic, there is no surety that you will get higher ranks. One common factor which determines the ranking of YouTube video is the view-time. When a user starts watching a video and closes the video in the first few seconds, then the ranking is prone to go down.

Here are some of the most important SEO tips for YouTube videos to get more organic traffic and income.

  1. Tagging and keyword research

Adding tags and keyword is an essential process to get rank in YouTube search. You can use various keyword planning tools to research best and relevant keywords for your video. Target the decided keywords in your video title, description, and tag. It will remarkably index and rank your videos in search engines.

  1. Title of the video

The video title is nothing but the name of a video by reading which, one can understand what’s inside your video. The video should have a title which will perfectly match the video content. It should be user-friendly and at the same time, it should comply the YouTube algorithm for SEO.

You can use the search engine auto-complete feature which will suggest video titles when you will type few keywords. From the suggested query, you write your video title and get good ranking on Google search.

Else, you can take advantage of YouTube autocomplete feature and write video titles accordingly.

How to Optimise Videos for Boosting Your YouTube Channel

  1. Description

Every video uploaded on YouTube should have a description. The first 2-3 lines of the description are very important to get rank in search engine. Give a short 2-3 lines description about the video to explain the content of your video. Find out the best and most relevant keywords for your video and use these keywords within your description.

  1. Video file name

Once you are done with the production and editing of your video, the next thing is sure to upload it to YouTube. But before you perform so, make sure you are renaming the final video file. When you render a video file, the software most probably names the file like mov001.avi or xyz_abc.mp4 or something like this.

It is important to include the keyword phrase into the file name to get rank in search engines. Almost all video editing software allows users to edit the file name of your video. If such function is not there in your software, you will have to rename the video file after the completion of the rendering process.

By renaming the video file, you can tell the search engine what is inside your video. Having keywords in your video file name will ensure that the search algorithm knows what your video is all about. The search engine will index the video and provide a higher ranking for your video.

  1. Use of CC (closed caption) feature

Closed caption feature allows YouTube to explain the video narration to viewers and translate it into different languages. Also, upload a transcript of the video. YouTube has introduced a new algorithm which automatically converts the voice used in the video into the transcript. You can add CC if your video doesn’t include voice.

Apart from these 5 SEO tips, you should pay attention to a target audience and write script targeting your audience. You can ask your viewers to comment, like and share your videos on social media. The bloggers can take advantage of their YouTube videos by embedding them within the blog content.

By doing so, your blog readers will most likely view your video as blog content and increase the views. Even if you are unable to see results, it is the time when you need to get professional digital marketing services.

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