Importance of Landing page and its effects on SEO

25th May 2015 / in SEO / by

Importance of Landing page and its effects on SEO

The Search engine and its importance in our life cannot be stressed enough. Everyone is very used to Google search to get required results for their queries. It is very important that the result page be relevant otherwise the user will simply close the tab and move to the next site. The page where this search traffic is directed towards is called the landing page. If you provide the home page as your landing page, every user will not navigate through the site to the desired page. Users have a very short span of attention, hence we need the desired page as the landing page.

The Landing page must be simple to understand and direct. If these pages do not provide the user with instant results, the conversion rate and return on investments are going to suffer. The correct SEO strategy has to be applied and your site needs to be optimized. The other crucial thing is that the landing page cannot be crowded with too many ads or other requests. This may also result in the users abandoning your page due to sheer annoyance. The content on such landing page has to be precise without including any other information. The more definite your page is, the better it will rank against your competitors. The landing page can make or break your SEO strategy and affect the pay per click campaigns. To achieve a better rank, make sure you have worked out the specifics of every page.

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