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Link Building Vs Content Marketing: Which Strategy is best for Your Business?

12th January 2018 / in Internet marketing, SEO / by

Link Building Vs Content Marketing: Which Strategy is best for Your Business?

In this rapidly changing online marketing world, getting tons of traffic overnight is next to impossible. There are different ways using which you can attract the new audience and ultimately grow your business. While there are many tactics used in search engine optimization, link building and content marketing are the two things which are effectual for SEO. Thus, we have done a Link building Vs Content Marketing battle and came to these conclusions.

Before settling on which strategy will work great with your business model, let’s learn some fundamentals and check the strengths and weaknesses of link building as well as content marketing.

Link Building

Link Building Vs Content Marketing: Which Strategy is best for Your Business?

It is related to SEO content. The SEO content contains the keywords or phrases which people usually use to search for a specific purpose on search engines. While so, link building is a process which brings external links to your website and drives more traffic and improves rankings.

While performing a link building strategy, the marketer has to be careful about the quality of links you are trying to build. That means the websites from which you are trying to get links should be reputable and popular.

Before link building, there are several steps which are required to be performed. A creative and compelling content is the prerequisite of link building. This is the only way you can entice reputable sites to link your website for reference.

Content Marketing

In contrast, the content marketing is the strategy which involves different methods for distribution and promotion of the content. The content for distribution should be information-based not just a sales pitch. Your content should add value to the knowledge of your consumer.

Link Building Vs Content Marketing: Strengths and Weaknesses

The link building and content marketing both involves a few common benefits. Both help you to get more page views. The link building process helps in the improvement of the reputability of your brand or business. The relationship of your website and the website offering links to your site both get mutually benefitted.

Link Building Vs Content Marketing: Which Strategy is best for Your Business?

On the other hand, the content marketing has its own advantages over the link building. Content marketing is an approach to provide information to consumers. It helps in building the trust and reliability on your business among the consumers. The reputation of your brand increases drastically if this strategy is used wisely.

In link building, it is difficult to assure the success of your campaigns is it requires a lot of work and the dependency is on another party. You can’t control the exposure of your links.

Link Building Vs Content Marketing: Which is a better one?

The choice between link building and content marketing is based on your website’s needs. For instance, if you are selling a product(s), the link building is a good option as it will divert the traffic to your site. The link provided in the other publications and websites will allow for organic page-views as well. Furthermore, if your business doesn’t have time or money to spend on content writing, the link building will still work well.

In another way, content marketing allows you to introduce your brand or company via blogs or magazine to people. If the limited people have the knowledge of what kind of products you are selling, the high-quality valuable articles can offer information to your potential consumers and inform that you are selling such products or services.

You can even choose a blend of both link building and content marketing if it required. An expert digital marketing company can help you choose the correct strategy which will grow your business. A team of SEO experts will perform several SEO audits and let you know the methods from which you can get maximum exposure to your targeted audience.

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