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Machine Learning and its Impacts on SEO Ranking

16th August 2017 / in SEO / by

Machine Learning and its Impacts on SEO Ranking

A lot has been changed in the field of SEO management in just two years. The way Google ranked the pages two years ago is much different than the way it ranks today. Any idea what exactly changed?

Google started the rollout of its machine-learning artificial intelligence system called RankBrain in early 2015. The new system helps in Google’s ranking algorithm to process the search results.

But how does the machine learning impacts the SEO rankings? Let’s find out.

How machine learning impacts SEO?

To understand the impact of machine learning on the SEO, you will first require the understanding of how Google uses the machine learning. There is a strong relationship between the high-quality search results that Google provides and the revenue they receive from their ads.

Machine Learning and its Impacts on SEO Ranking

The higher user satisfaction is the important factor to Google. It means that the user satisfaction and the content quality of your pages have to be gone through the SEO process. You will have to assess it and gradually get better in it over time.

To perform the assessment, these are few questions you should ask yourself to find out the solutions:

  1. Does the intention of your page meet the purpose of a large percentage of the visitors to it?
  2. Do your visitors need help in the selection of your product? Else, do they require a guide to use them?
  3. What could be the related intents? If a visitor comes to your site in a search of specific product, then what other products he/she might be interested from your product lineup?
  4. Is there any gap in the content of your pages?
  5. Do you have strong strategies to measure and improve the page performance over time?

Once you do this, you will discover many opportunities where you can work on.

Machine Learning and its Impacts on SEO Ranking

There are many methods which Google uses to determine how good your page is and use them to impact the rankings. Below we have mentioned some of them:

  1. When a user comes to your page after clicking on a SERP (search engine result pages), how much time the user stays on your site? How your competitor’s pages are performing in this criterion?
  2. Compare the relative rate of CTR on your SERP with the SERP listings of your competitors.
  3. What is the volume of searches your brand receives on search engines?
  4. When users click return on your site after their last visit, do they act like their task was fulfilled?

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The machine learning is gradually becoming a prevalent trend. All major players in the market are getting influenced by this trend in some manner. In the case of SEO, the new tech in relation to the machine learning will gradually increase the importance of the user experience and content quality over time.

Hence, it is very vital to get the SEO management of your website done from a professional digital marketing company in India.

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