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A website is a 24×7 marketing channel for your business. It gives a complete idea about your business and its values. However, a website can be more useful if its found by the right users at the right time. Apart from being the online identity of your business, a website stands to generate some return on investment. Such returns can be anything from a newsletter sign up or a pdf download or some online sale.The catch being that the website must be found by a customer when he or she is willing to make a purchase. Since almost every business has a website now, it is essential that your business is found first by such customers.

Search Engine Optimization simply means using tools to make sure that your business has the highest rank in a given organic search result. SEO is a well known jargon for online marketing and has been used by experts to gain a large market share. However, it needs to be applied with the correct strategy to gain the optimum results. The inbound nature of SEO makes it a very cost effective marketing solution as compared to outbound solutions like cold calling. SEO also makes the site more user friendly as it alters the site structure. SEO helps in better integration of your business and its social media accounts, thus taking your business to the next level. It helps you get a large customer base and you can make changes in your business strategies based on the feedback received.

Due to its multiple and far reaching benefits, SEO has become a necessary investment for a business.
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