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SEO Audit Checklist to Super-Boost your Site Rankings

23rd August 2017 / in SEO / by

SEO Audit Checklist to Superboost your Site Rankings

The SEO audits are the best way to determine why your SEO strategy is not getting good results. Do you know how many ranking factors do Google uses to rank a website? There are approximately 200 ranking factors!

Hence, SEO audio checklist is important as it helps in improvement of certain areas of your site when they comply as per the ranking factor. We have made a quick SEO audit checklist of items which will help in boosting your site rankings.

Domain Related factors

SEO Audit Checklist to Superboost your Site Rankings

  • Having keyword in the domain is a quick way to get more authority.
  • Using keyword as the first word in the domain.
  • Domain Registration span for which the domain is registered by you.
  • Using keyword in sub domain name
  • Getting information about the domain history is a vital part of SEO audit as a volatile domain history may affect the SEO efforts of that domain.

Page-level factors

  • Using keyword in title tag
  • Title tag with keyword as the first word
  • Use of keyword in description tag
  • H1 tag with keyword

Content related factors

SEO Audit Checklist to Superboost your Site Rankings

  • Checking page load speed via HTML
  • Check for any duplicate content which can plague your site
  • Check for syndicated content as well
  • Identify keyword prominence (check whether the keyword is present in the first 100 words of a page’s content)
  • Using the keyword in H1, H2 and H3 tags
  • Quantity and quality of internal links pointing to page
  • Determination of broken links on site
  • Number of affiliate links on website
  • Site architecture analysis

Website Updates

  • Performing site uptime audit to identify uptime issues related with the server
  • Identifying the server location is good practice to know physical location of server
  • Verification of duplicate meta information on-site
  • Performing mobile optimisation of the website
  • Checking the site usability
  • Use of Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Link Profile Audit

SEO Audit Checklist to Superboost your Site Rankings

Check for

  • Positive and negative link velocity
  • Contextual links
  • Sponsored links
  • Authority sites
  • Reciprocal links
  • Natural link profile
  • Excessive blog comments
  • Internal link anchor text

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On-Site Technical SEO factors

  • Analysis or generation of sitemap file on your site
  • Presence of robots.txt file on-site
  • Inspection of crawl errors
  • Determining the SSL certification
  • Inspection of bloated CSS code and JavaScript files


This was a quick SEO audit checklist which you should perform on-site and off-site checks to recognize the issues and errors which require prompt actions to fix issues.

Obviously, there are many more ranking factors which are important but can’t easily be settled by these on-site and off-site checks. For this, you should hire a professional SEO agency and let them do the difficult tasks of your SEO audits. Check our professional SEO packages for more details.

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