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E-Commerce SEO Services

The survival of E-commerce Company depends on the systematic digital marketing strategy which will bring qualified leads and also increase the conversions. For online retailers, E-commerce SEO creates an enormous boost in viewer traffic, which naturally results in increased sales and the ability to reach an exponentially larger group of potential customers.

E-Commerce SEO Services


  • Continuous support
  • E-commerce SEO Professional Team
  • Prior Experience in handling large sites SEOs
  • Use of the latest SEO tools techniques and tools
  • White Hat SEO – New algorithm Compliant
  • 100% ethical practices

E-Commerce SEO Services

Build your E-Commerce ‘SEO Authority’ the 2017 Way with Nethority
E-commerce SEO is very much different than SEO strategies for other generic websites. Well-calibrated approach is needed as E-Commerce SEO has some pretty unique technical SEO issues that don’t usually happen on other types of websites. The common issues include how to handle the layered navigation, how to handle the duplicate content issue, different sorting options, crawling issues, specific micro data markup etc.

Nethority developed rock-solid E -Commerce SEO 2017 Strategy due to our vast experience to handle E-commerce websites. We offer E-commerce SEO services to E-commerce businesses of all sizes across all industries and domains which will increase your visibility across the globe and also create the brand awareness. Our E-Commerce SEO campaigns are specially designed, well planned and carry a well- integrated approach all the marketing efforts including promotions, Pay per click campaigns, blogs, articles, etc.

E-Commerce SEO Package

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How it works


Business Assessment

– Our experts will learn your categories, your brands, your products or services and even your competition.

– Through this, we will formulate a custom search strategy for your business.


Competition Analysis

– Our search analysts will analyze your key competitor’s search strategy, keyword rankings, internet footprints, campaigns, back links etc.

– And we will come up with a detailed SEO strategy that will help you outsell the competitors.


Keyword Strategy & Recommendation

Through a mix of manual and software search, our experts will create a list of most sought optimum keywords for your individual products and services.


Website Audit & Optimization

– Our search analysts will analyze your website centering SEO specific aspects which influence your rankings like: Page load time, Canonical pages, Image, content optimization.

– Our experts will provide a plan of action.

– Provide detailed solutions on how to fix any issues your site has that are keeping it from doing better in the search results.


On-Page Optimization

– Our experts will perform on-page optimization for your E-Commerce portal after assessing the technical audit results over time.

– Our experts would optimize the architecture, meta tags and descriptions for the pages, sitemaps, cross platform content etc. resulting into search success.


E commerce Link Building

– Our analysts are well equipped to create visibility for your site by building ethical links as per Google’s guidelines.

– Our sustainable and programmatic approach drives the highest quality of links to your site.


Content Marketing & Social Signals

– Back links from content marketing and social signals from platforms like twitter, facebook, G+ etc are playing a huge role in keyword rankings.

– We will help you create & distribute meaningful and interesting content as well as social signals for your products.



– Our team provides you with a monthly progress report to keep you updated with activities and result.

– We also do a quarterly health check and strategy revision for all our E-Commerce SEO clients to ensure long term sustainable results.

SEO Packages

Keeping in mind your business-specific needs, we offer you the below-mentioned packages. Please click on the packages to know details

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Every business is different and so are the challenges that come with it. At Nethority, we don’t just stick to a particular industry,because we cater to all kinds of digital marketing assistance.

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