Tags Optimisation, an essential factor of SEO in 2016

11th March 2016 / in SEO / by


Tags are group of keywords & sentences used in website for providing information to search engine about the web page. Tags play a very important role for search engine. It is one of the very basic factor of SEO. Most of the websites are integrated with over usage of tags. As per SEO point of view, tags are to be used correctly in proper characters.

On page optimisation is very important for boosting your site ranking. On page optimisation include tags, it can be title tag, header tag, meta tag, blog post tag. This tags help in better engagement & increase in traffic.

Tags is nothing but a content used by users & for better understanding of search engine. If you change your product or service of your landing page, then you have to change the tags, in fact you have to optimize your tags as per the category.

It is said that ranking has changed & tags are not positive for ranking factor. Meta tags are more likely to go spam. The main question is, in 2016 are tags that important as they were before. Now a day’s it is said that Meta tags have lost their importance in terms of ranking factor. Let us take a look on how powerful are tags in 2016

Title tags

Title tags are nothing but topic of the page. They are most important factor for SEO, because if someone clicks through the title then one can able to determine click through rate of the particular website or page. Till now title was given more priority for keyword determination & optimization for website ranking. But now in 2016 it has been studied that search engines do not fully rely on title tags to interpret your page content. It partly includes title, i.e 6 out of 10 keywords.

To check the keyword consistency of the website, for ranking & indexing of the website. Search engine will compare your content & title tags to make sure that your website is SEO friendly. So still it is said that in 2016 title tags are important for SEO but they are away from the only factor of SEO

Header tags

Header tags as the name indicates used to distinguish heading & subheading of content on your page. They are HTML header tags which range from importance to least important from h1-h6. You have to structure your content in this structure, because it’s an ideal part for an on page SEO, so one should not break it.

Initially in 2014-2015, header tags were relatively given less importance and many of the companies were not utilizing h1 tags for SERP’s of the website. Coming in the present, the ratio of percentage of using h1 has been increased to 4%. This proves that the companies and web designers give more importance for header tags. Considering all this the header tags will last long & stay long to increase the ranking of the website by on page SEO

Blog Post tags

Blog post are the post on blogging website like wordpress or it can be a part of your website. Blog post are for visitors to get information, on specific topics. Blogs post depend upon the category of website you are running. For eg : If you run a beauty blog then you might have categories like beauty tips, make up etc. If you write a post and put in make up category, you might enter tags like bridal make up, casual makeup, party makeup etc.If the post feature them. These tags can be helpful for the search engines & visitors.

Blog post tags do not directly effect the ranking factor, but can improve the SEO indirectly. In 2016 it is said that Blog post tags do not effect for starters , when there is high quality tagging then only it helps in tagging pages for SERP’s and ranking of website. They are one of the traffic source to your website and can improve your visitors experience.

One of the advantage of blog post is, they can increase your visitors time on site & can lower your bounce rate. Overall it can be said that if you relevantly tag your blog post it can increase your user experience & website can get multiple visits on your page, and they can stay long, which is one of the benefit of On page SEO.

So, decide your SEO strategy of using Tags, need of using tags, whether to use tags. So do let us know your point of view on using title tags, header tags & blog post tags.