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Top 5 Woocommerce SEO Tips in 2018

4th May 2018 / in E-commerce, SEO / by

Gone are the days when stuffing right keywords was the only work to be done to rank high in Google. Nowadays, SEO is complex and one needs to take a lot of efforts to rank#1 in search engines. Woocommerce is one of the best ecommerce platforms. This article will help you to optimize your Woocommerce website. We are sharing top 5 Woocommerce SEO tips that will be beneficial for you.

Let’s begin:

1) Easily accessible product pages.

Product pages are the pages where you are displaying your products for sale. These product pages must be maximum 2 to 3 clicks away from home page. Your users must easily find products they are looking for. Never make it complicated by hiding your products – links within links. Create a menu which speaks up for itself. All products should be easily reachable through menu. Sort products into proper categories and sub categories. Make attractive banners on the home page to flaunt the discounts and offers.

Here is an example of simplified menu:

2) Avoid duplication of content and pages.

You have tons of pages on your site (after all it’s an ecommerce website). Thus, the chances for duplications are high on your website. You may have a piece of content like ‘shipping details’ and ‘return policies’ mentioned on each page. Well! Google may or may not consider this as duplicate content but why take a chance? To avoid this duplicate content you can use this trick.
Include a very brief summary and link it to a page which contains complete details. Thus, your shipping policies and return policies content will have a page and this page can be used on every product page on your website.
To check if duplicate content is affecting your website, get your website audited by experts: Get SEO Audit.

3) Get rid of broken links ASAP.

Broken URLs are not good for SEO. Search engine crawlers crawl your website to index them. If crawlers find dead links or broken links on your website then it may stop crawling your site thinking it is dead. Also, if your users are landing on a URL and if they find it broken, well, it’s not a good impression. Find broken URLs on your website and fix them ASAP. Here at Nethority, we focus on every small issue that is preventing your website from ranking high in search engines. Check our Ecommerce SEO service to rank high in Google.

4) Use Rich Snippet.

Snippets are the results shown by Google when you search using Google search. Usually, a snippet is – Title, URL and Meta description.
Example of snippet:

A rich snippet is when Google shows some extra information along with Title, URL and Meta description. A rich snippet looks like this:-

Here the rich snippet is showing a video too in small box. Thus, rich snippet are more likely to get clicks. A rich snippet can be added using structured data (a set of code). Rich snippet looks more attractive and users may prefer them over normal snippet.

5) Make website mobile friendly

Now, in 2018, Google is focusing more on how your website looks on mobile devices. Is your website mobile-friendly? If no then it’s time to work on the mobile version of your website. Google’s mobile-first rule is what you need to take care of. Now, your website may be responsive but that doesn’t make it mobile-optimized. You need to optimize your content for mobile viewing so that content doesn’t take much of the space. Optimize the menu as well as the search bar for the mobile view.
Check the Desktop and Mobile view for a price comparison website: Pricekart.com

Bonus Tip:

Do not overdo things.

You might have done keyword research and wrote some amazing content with keywords and interlinks. Well, this is expected in SEO. But, take a note that nothing should be done too much. Using too many keywords and too long content won’t lead you anywhere. Similarly, too much of interlinks or outbound links are not preferable. Also, if you are promoting your website on social media, make sure not to promote posts more than 3 a day as it may irritate your followers.

Follow these tips for Woocommerce SEO and find a hike in your keyword ranking and daily traffic.

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