Why your business needs Local SEO

16th June 2015 / in SEO, Social Media / by


Google has now become the most essential limb of the internet. As internet is mostly used to connect with people from across the world and to search for any and everything under the sun, search engines have gained major importance since a few decades. The use of search engines to find out more about the local services has gained momentum as every business has realized the importance of internet presence. Local SEO has grown more over the years due to the smart phone usage and instant information available.

Choosing between standalone servers and a cloud computing platform such as eNlight is difficult for most people. The difficulty here in choosing could be attributed to the fact that many businesses do not take the time to clearly define the IT infrastructure needs for their business.

As the name suggests, Local SEO provides results based on the location. If you search the best coffee shop, your search engine will give a list of coffee shops near your location. There has been a steady rise in location-based query or business on every search engine. Thus, to make every search result more relevant, Search engines are going to make location based results a big priority.Since Google already has a vast amount of data from each and every place, it is essential that your own business is also listed on Google maps and even Google + local for better web visibility.

Reviews is the other thing that can really boost your local SEO ranking. More than 10 good reviews will certainly affect your position in a search. This is one of the reasons you should encourage your clients and customers to leave a review. It is essential that you are listed on every local portal with your complete information. This will positively affect your local search listings.It is important that you fill in as many details as possible in any listing, as every detail can improve your SEO rank. Social media accounts can have a lion’s share in building a strong local SEO. People tend to visit a business’ Google page or Facebook page for their information instead of their websites. Local SEO is a great return on investment. It has minimum degree of waste as customers reach you when they need your services or products.

Local SEO is the future of advertising. It is a more evolved form of providing information to a potential client.

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