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Sample SEO Audit Report

If you are a website owner, you might have probably tried all the available tools to understand the
status of your website. There are free tools that provide you an automated report.

But these reports will only provide you an Overview of your website. Moreover SEO is constantly changing and evolving to
provide best results to the users. So are these tools updated to provide you the best results?
At Nethority we constantly update our tools and systems as per Google Webmaster Guidelines so that you get the
best competitive advantage of your website.

Understanding our
SEO Audit Report

Our SEO audit is designed to provide you a
deeper insight on the current status of your

We help to identify the technical issues, content challenges,
quality of backlinks that is stopping your site from
ranking on the search engines.

Below are few insights that will help you understand our
report better

Sample SEO Audit Report-11

1. Identify the technical issues that are hampering your site performance
We help you identify all the technical issues that are influencing the position of your website on Google and other search engines. All the issues are clearly reported under each section.

(A) The Overview section will provide you an overview status of the report with the no. of pages, the total no. of errors & warnings that needs to be fixed.

Sample SEO Audit Report-12

(B) Checked Files:
A detailed analysis of all the checked pages is mentioned in the ‘Files’ section. This will help you to filter the pages based on the errors found..

Sample SEO Audit Report-13

(C) Content Topics:
In addition to the technical audit, the report also helps you understand the quality of the content in the Content Topics section.
This will let you analyze if the most occurring word is relevant to the services/ products that you offer.

Sample SEO Audit Repor-14

(D) Robots & XML Sitemap:
The report analyzes how well your site is being crawled & indexed by the search engines. This will also help you identify the possible syntax errors and rectify them

Sample SEO Audit Report-15

(E) Performance:
The performance tab will identify the possible pages that are affecting the User Experience and in turn increasing the bounce rate on your website

Sample SEO Audit Report

2. Identify the Competitive advantage of your website
Our Ranking profiler report helps you to spy your competitor keywords and its ranking data.

How to use our Ranking profiler for your benefit:

  • Save time and money in searching the keywords of your competitor
  • Get a financial value of your competitor’s ranking
  • Identify the ranking pages and optimize your content accordingly
  • Identify the countries where your competitors are operating from
Sample SEO Audit Report-17

3. Backlinks Analysis Report
Our backlinks analysis report will help you analyze the quality of backlinks pointing to your website. Our backlink data only include the freshest backlinks active during the last 90 days for a website.

Sample SEO Audit Report-18

The Anchor Text data will help you understand the most popular texts that are used to link to your site

Sample SEO Audit Report-19

Pages report within the Link profiler will provide you the list of pages that have the most no. of unique backlinks.
This will help you find the most popular webpage on your site.

Sample SEO Audit Report-20

Countries reportwithin the Link Profiler provides you an insight into the countries from where the website is linked to and the list of Top level domain which are linking to your website

Sample SEO Audit Report-21

LIS (Link Influence Score) Distribution: is a value that shows the influence of a linking page on search engines. A link with higher LIS score means it has a higher influence on the ranking of the website. This is calculated based on the quality of links and the no. of links pointing to a website.

Sample SEO Audit Report-22

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